At The Green Bakery, we believe everyone should be able to devour a piece of cake irrespective of their dietary requirements. The Green Bakery never compromises on quality or taste.

What is The Green Bakery about?

From simple to indulgent, all of our cakes and desserts are baked with love, using premium, high-end ingredients that can be customised to suit ALL dietary requirements. Although we use alternative ingredients to cater to dietary requirements, the taste and delectability of the cake should be just as good as our regular cakes!

Whether you require a cheeky treat to be vegan, free of gluten, egg, dairy, or nuts, you can now have your cake and eat it AND savour every mouth-watering bite, knowing that your insides will finally be as happy as your tastebuds!

Meet the face behind The Green Bakery

Hi, I’m Deepthi, founder and pastry chef of The Green Bakery. In 2015, I traded in my 10-year experience in the corporate industry for my kitchen, to pursue my love for baking. I am now a certified pastry chef with a passion to make dietary-specific food taste just as good as its original. My joy comes from knowing that everyone is able to eat great tasting goodness without sacrificing their health.

I come from a family of chefs, and food runs in my blood. I successfully started my home-based bakery in India and ran it for 2 years, before moving to Sydney’s north shore in 2017 with my husband and two beautiful boys.
Starting The Green Bakery, I envisioned offering delicious food that best accommodates everyone in our capacious community.

In my life before The Green Bakery, I was a classically trained singer. These days, I continue to love to sing, but this usually happens from the kitchen (and is coupled with some dancing).

What does The Green Bakery offer?

With a focus on eating better, we use high quality ingredients that in turn, help create our exceptional cakes.

Proudly serving the greatest number of people regardless of allergies and dietary requirements are at the forefront of our mission, not to mention baking unapologetically delicious food that you simply will not want to share!

Who do we bake for?

The Green Bakery believes everyone should be able to devour cake, so we aim to bake for EVERYONE! We aim to eliminate allergens without eliminating flavour, quality or taste. From years of trial and error, we have crafted flavour-packed treats that are free from common allergens such as nuts, dairy and soy.

Our cakes can be made:

  • Regular (unrestricted dietary needs)
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Egg-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Nut-free
  • Refined sugar-free*
  • Lactose-free*
  • Keto cakes*

*Available as custom cake orders only

If we haven’t listed your dietary needs, please get contact us . Chances are we are able to produce a creation suited to you!

For catering enquiries, please contact us.